The first in Kazakhstan plant for the production of intellectual media products

MediaZavod studio is a crew with a rich creative background. Company’s history began in 2005, when Brand U studio was founded in Almaty. The company was producing advertising and social videos, TV programs and documentaries. In 2009 the company was renamed into MediaZavod. This company became the first Kazakhstani factory on producing intellectual media production.

A team of professionals having rich experience of work on TV, in advertising and in show-business. Our company’s background includes such bright TV projects as “Kishke Kezdesu” and “Aiel syry” (“Channel One “Eurasia”), series of programs about theater “Speaking portraits” and about painting “Live images”, and series of documentaries about Kazakhstan “Our Kazakhstan” (“Bilim zhane Madeniet” channel).

In previous years MediaZavod produced “Classmates” and “25th kilometer” TV series (for “Khabar” TV channel), “Sapa Bakylauda” guidance for consumers and “Right for quality” talk-show (“Channel One “Eurasia”), “Unified National Test: simply about difficult things” tutorial, “The Magnificent Five” and “Family express” intellectual games, “Simple things” educational entertainment program (for “Bilim” TV channel), “E-volution” educational program, “Way Out for You” economic talk-show (for “Khabar” TV channel), “Keep calm” public social talk-show (for “El-Arna” TV channel) and “Korshiler / Neighbours” (for “Kazakhstan” TV channel) Due to professional technical facilities and high qualification of our experts we can accomplish projects of any complexity with optimum balance of price and quality.

Our team

Igor' Piskunov
General Producer, Director
Saodat Karimova
Ajnura Zaksybaeva
Program director
Karina Docenko
Executive producer
Ol'ga Korneeva
Script writer, editor of Russian programs
Nurgul' Zandosova
Film editor
Alena Kircu
Film editor
Konstantin Fedaev
Timur Kaliev
Erlan Kuanysbaev
Director of photography
Ulia Zagorujkova
Stylist, make-up artist
Darhan Symyrbaj
Technical administrator
Saltanat Kumabekova
The editor of the Kazakh programs
Trifonenko Elizaveta


Первый канал "Евразия"
Агенство "Хабар"
Телеканал "Ел Арна"
РТРК "Казахстан"
Телеканал "Білім және Мәдениет"
Телеканал "Хабар 24"


Creative association MediaZavod, Almaty, st. Gagarin 238 "a".


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